Living on a Beach not on Facebook

The beach in CubaThe Beach in Cuba


When asked about our move to Cuba my sons always respond with ………… our house will be right on the beach!  People even react to me in a similar way especially when they see the photos.  It is believed to be some kind of Nirvana living right on the beach and my cynical side (whom I am trying to keep under wraps more and more) says yeah great but that wears off in a couple of weeks …… and I won´t have internet.  If a psychic had told me 10 years ago that I would be living in a house on the Caribbean with my Guatemalan husband and 3 children I would have asked for my money back or paid them more (not quite sure).  Now that I am thinking about it, I did visit a psychic once when I was living in Hong Kong and contrary to my cynical self, really enjoyed it as well as finding it quite useful.

In Hong Kong in 97 post handover days,  I didn´t live on the beach but right on top of the Peak looking down over the city.  It was a turning point in my life. I was with the wrong man, still doing the wrong job and living in what I called (at the time) the armpit of capitalism. Most of the Hong King Chinese made it quite clear that they were more interested in money than making friends with me, and I longed for the Europe I had left behind.  I ended up hanging out with (cocaine-fuelled) British journalists, French ex pats working in wine and fashion, and an eclectic selection of artists with their Asian girlfriends.  I refused to hang out with the bankers that my ex knew.  It was a strange year that unhinged me slightly, mainly to do with the toxic relationship I was in.  Anyway, one day I found myself catching the ferry to one of the islands to visit a psychic.  What have I got to lose I thought?  She was not a little chinese woman as I expected but an Australian about the same age as my mother and actually, bizarrely looking a little bit like my mother.  I spent 3 hours with this woman and was intrigued that she seemed to know a lot about me.  She was quite radical and told me that I  had to change my man, my job, my country.  Quite risky really as for all she knew I had just started a new life with said man.  I caught the ferry back to Hong Kong island feeling calm and cleansed and changed on the way to go and see The Opera, La Boheme.  Needless to say that all things she warned me about did change, it was hard to get on that plane alone back to London, apply to go back to University and put myself through a masters, buy my own flat, keep away from more destructive men, start a new career and then  further down the line, get on a plane to Guatemala.  But I did it.

I feel as though I am at another turning point in my life right now and I want to seize this moment too!  Yes I know I will be back to dial up connection internet, no skype or much facebook, no supermarkets, no shopping malls …… but I have to see this as a good thing.  I know I need to take my life to another spiritual level for myself and my family and yes maybe my lifelong goal of trying to meditate will happen in Cuba sitting in my garden listening to the waves.  Or maybe I´ll just turn into a cigar smoking, rum drinking, bar dancing lush ………….. hmmm.  Or maybe something inbetween.

A message just arrived to remind me of what is good about facebook, a friend from another great turning point in my life; in Buenos Aires, when I was discovering that I was going to be a mother.  It was Marianita who I woke up to show my pregnancy test, it was she I dragged to a health food restaurant to sit and contemplate in a trance-like state my soon to be changing life.  Special times in a special city.  One day I will write about my first wonderful month of motherhood in a city that opened its arms to me and my little panza.

Anyway so far as to say that I will not have much time to waste on facebook, maybe one day a week I will check in.  I just tried to trim down my friends list (harder than I thought) remembering that we do still have those old fashioned communications called emails and I will have this secret blog ………….

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9 Responses to Living on a Beach not on Facebook

  1. maria (poty) traverso says:

    jo… it was a pleasure reading you…. you are really good! you will start a different life, for sure, but sounds very interesting…. and most in the way you put and your family will have the chance to connect with a lot of important things…the ones that we always forget because of “crazy life”.
    also makes some “sound in my head” the choices we made or should make in our lives…

    thanks a lot for inlcuding me in your “secret blog” 🙂 I´ll follow you and also practice my english 🙂

    the best and more in this new stage of your lives!

    big kiss!

    • Josephine says:

      thanks Poty. I am glad you enjoyed reading my ramblings. I just have to write when I feel in the mood and capture the moment. beso xx Jo

    • Josephine says:

      ps you should subscribe then you can get them to your email when I write, saves you having to go to the website. xx

      • maria (poty) traverso says:

        love it! i´m making the suscribtion now, besos!

  2. Selena says:

    On the beach, oh my! I can’t say I would enjoy that with three little ones running about . . . I would continually be worried about someone falling into the ocean and drowning! It does look lovely though and the benefit of being off the “grid”, so to speak, is that you will be able to dedicate more time to your little ones and the home. Too many mothers these days spend all their time online, chatting with friends, while their children are denied much needed attention. I think you will quite enjoy it once you have settled in.

  3. Josephine says:

    Hi Selena

    Just my thoughts when I first heard about the house, but the film school are building a fence across the front of the beach hopefully enough to stop little ones and not too much that we feel separated from the sea. Also we have too many people working in the house, very typical of Cuban institutions so I intend to have someone on permanent child beach watch at least until we set the ground rules or get a child proof padlock on the gate down to the beach. My husband is in Cuba right now so I hope he is checking on the progress of all the improvements to the house. Nobody has lived there for 8 years and this is the first time the director of the film school has had a young family.
    I hope you are right about settling in but I am really trying to go with a positive attitude and not be another foreigner turning up complaining all the time. Every situation has its positives.

  4. Selena says:

    A fence is a very good idea! I like the plan to have a beach patrol, as well. Little ones can be tricky!

  5. Bass Pryce says:

    Que interesant

    It looks good, I am a little jealous as I look out on my European suburbs.

    And you have lived an interesting life. Not a tourist an adventurer.

    • Jo says:

      I´ve had a lot of great adventures in European suburbs!

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